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Volkswagen Financial Services

When buying and insuring a vehicle, it makes sense to enlist the help of a trusted partner. At Lindsay Saker we recommend that we facilitate your application via the Volkswagen Financial Service's team of dedicated advisers. They will assist with every aspect of the vehicle buying and insuring process, making it as quick and easy as possible.

Finance Options – Instalment Sale

This is an agreement between a buyer, a seller and/or a financial institution, used to purchase goods (like a vehicle), by making payment in instalments over an agreed period of time. The buyer is charged interest on the amount of the original price still to be paid, as well as other charges relating to the granting of credit.

Finance Options – Lease

This is an agreement between the dealership on behalf of a financial institution and a customer, in terms of which the customer is given use of the vehicle for an agreed lease payment amount over a fixed period of time. The customer must keep the vehicle for the full period and must pay the seller all the lease payments that are due over that period.

The customer normally has the right to terminate the agreement early by buying the vehicle from the seller at a stipulated price. At the end of the agreed period the customer must either buy the vehicle or extend the lease period or return the vehicle to the financial institution as per the agreement.

Structure your payments - Financial Shock Absorber Plan

  • Can be offered on any credit agreement with a linked rate.
  • While the rate is linked to a specific prime rate, payments are fixed or capped.

This allows you to:
Benefit from the same interest rate when rates rise.
Budget more easily and with greater certainty.
Avoid unexpected fluctuations in your cash-flow.
This plan is available on any agreement, excluding deals with irregular payments.

Structure your payments - Balloon Payments

A balloon payment is an inflated instalment that falls due at the end of the credit agreement.

The balloon amount is traditionally associated with a projected estimate value.

The estimate value is influenced by the length of the credit agreement (for example 36, 48 or 60 months), and by the market sentiment toward the vehicle being financed.

Since the risk associated with a balloon payment is borne by the customer, he/she is liable for the full balloon value in the final month of his/her contract. The balloon forms part of the payment stream.

Volkswagensure is a comprehensive range of affordable motor insurance products and is available to proud Volkswagen owners. It is brought to you by Volkswagen Financial Services and is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Ltd. All products are designed to provide you with a hassle-free motoring experience and are conveniently available from any Volkswagen Dealer in South Africa or via the Volkswagensure contact centre.

Motor Comprehensive Policy

Comprehensive and affordable motor insurance available from Volkswagen.

Customer Protection Plan

Should you be retrenched, become disabled, incapacitated due to terminal or chronic illness or pass away, this policy will help you meet your credit agreement obligations.

Shortfall Plus

This policy protects you from having to pay a ‘shortfall’ if your vehicle is lost through theft, hijacking or accident and written off.

Deposit Protector

When a vehicle is stolen or written off due to an accident, this policy allows you to receive a deposit back – even if your vehicle has depreciated in value since you bought it.

Return to Invoice Policy

A guarantee that you will get back what you paid for your vehicle if it is written off or stolen during the period of insurance.

Retrenchment Policy

When you are involuntarily retrenched, this product will take care of your monthly vehicle instalments.


A revolutionary insurance policy that covers minor damage to your vehicle, keeping it in tip-top condition without denting your no-claim bonus

Introducing the Volkswagen Family Plan. Join the biggest family in South Africa with these finely tuned finance plans.

The new Volkswagen Family Plan has been designed to ensure that joining South Africa's biggest family is now more affordable than ever before. With incomparable monthly premiums on the Polo Vivo Hatch, Polo Vivo Sedan, Polo, Polo Sedan, Volkswagen CC, Touareg and Passat ranges, it's the most finely tuned finance plan to date - an opportunity you don't want to miss!








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