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Caddy Kombi

The new Caddy Kombi. For whatever comes next

The Caddy 5 Kombi’s innovation and style are made to keep up with your life. The combination of a striking design, Driver Assistance systems and 7-seater flexible interior have you covered for every drive. These versatile and convenient features are made to accommodate both your professional and private journeys. From getting business done to all your family business, the Caddy 5 Kombi is there for whatever comes next.



Everyday versatility

The Caddy 5 Kombi’s interior is packed with adjustable and robust features that let you quickly adapt to whatever life throws at you. The 7 configurable seats can fold down or be removed to make room for family, furniture and anything in between.


Look the part for every drive

The Caddy 5 Kombi’s exterior design transitions seamlessly from school runs to work trips. The modern black bumpers, striking shape, 16-inch alloy wheels and Halogen Head Lights with optional cornering front fog lamps, make it both practical and stylish. Now with optional rear-wing doors and a fixed towbar, you’ll be ready for those everyday demands.

Driver assistance

Reliable features for safer driving

Every journey you take is more protected than ever with our advanced driver assistance systems. From shopping trips to work trips, the optional cruise control system makes driving comfortable and seamless. Plus, with the optional Park-Distance Control with Rear-View Camera, you’ll have the confidence to park anywhere with ease.

E-Brake and Auto-hold

Brake technology

The Caddy 5 Kombi, with brake technology, makes parking and driving seamless and safe. Auto-hold stops your car from accidentally rolling backwards or forward on a slope, so you don’t have to worry about applying the parking brake or whether you’re braking hard enough. The electronic parking brake (E-Brake) ensures that your car is securely parked. With the touch of a button, an indicator light reassures you that the brake is on and when you're ready to drive all you have to do is activate the brake pedal and push the button.


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