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Lindsay Saker | About

About Lindsay Saker

Lindsay Saker has always been a part of your neighbourhood and a part of your life. We are South Africa's biggest Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Select and Commercial vehicle dealer network.

Our showrooms and service centres take care in making our customers feel welcome and relaxed when buying or servicing their cars.

That's because Lindsay Saker people believe in their products and take pride in their work. We are committed to the idea of putting people firt and are constantly working on building a rewarding experience for our customers.

Lindsay Saker is firmly rooted in traditional family values yet constantly strives to look at smarter ways to sell and service cars.

Our most important work is team work because without strong relationships with one another, our manufacturer and our customers - Lindsay Saker is just another dealership.

It's all about the finer details and an all encompassing commitment to our customers and their cars.

So welcome to the Lindsay Saker family, where service always has and always will be All for One.

Lindsay Saker History

Lindsay Saker is one of South Africa’s oldest brands and has been selling cars for over 100 years many people think that Lindsay Saker was an actual person but in fact the name of our business is a combination of names of people that played a key role in making Lindsay Saker one of the biggest motor retail networks in Southern Africa today.In 1902 two brothers, Charles and DH Saker started DH Saker Limited: one of the first businesses to get a concession to sell some of the very first cars like Crosley, White Steam and De Dion Bouton, at a time when Johannesburg was still a gold mining town.

In the early days they hit the headlines with their first of a kind, non-stop trips to such remote destinations as Durban and Cape Town! In the early 1930’s the company acquired the Studebaker franchise which it held until production was stopped in 1966.

This 30 year period saw considerable diversification in the business and in 1946 Anglo Transvaal Consolidated acquired control.  The name of the company was changed to the Saker Motor Corporation when former Johannesburg Mayor, Jack Mincer took control of the company.

Whilst the Saker Motor Corporation was becoming a major force, GK Lindsay became one of the first Volkswagen dealers in Johannesburg area, in 1951.  On the 31 August of that year, the first Beetle rolled off the production line in Uitenhage; the People’s Car had come to South Africa. In 1957 The Sakers Finance and Investment Company merged with GK Lindsay and the name Lindsay Saker was coined.  In order to fund expansion the company was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, in 1963.  The Cargo Motors Group was amalgamated in 1976 and Saficon Investments Limited was formed.  In 1995, The Saficon Group was acquired by Imperial Holdings and today Lindsay Saker is a proud member of the Imperial Group’s Motor Retail division. The future is an exciting place for all of us and as cars and transport get even more sophisticated, the Lindsay Saker Group looks forward to all the changes and opportunities that will surely unfold in the next hundred years!

All for One

All for One is our promise to you - working together as one team to deliver excellence in everything we do. Our processes are focussed on achieving our goal - being the best. Every person you meet at Lindsay Saker is there to help you.

Our people are committed, honest, accountable, disciplined and proud of being part of the Lindsay Saker team.

Finer Details

Our customer’s car is King, and it’s about offering our clients a hassle free buying and after sales service. It’s all about the finer details.

By looking after the finer details Lindsay Saker has become the leading Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT franchise in South Africa! Big daddy.

• At Lindsay Saker our people believe in their products and take pride in their work
• We are committed to putting people first, constantly working on building a rewarding experience for our customers
• Lindsay Saker is firmly rooted in traditional family values
• We constantly strive to find smarter ways to look after our clients’ cars
• All for one is our promise to you. Our success lies in unsurpassed team work
• Attention to detail is what keeps bringing our clients back

Imperial Group

Lindsay Saker is a member of the Imperial Group.

The Imperial Group is a powerful force in the wider transportation and mobility markets and has a number of divisions that support this core business.  The Imperial story is quite similar to Lindsay Saker in that it all started from a single Toyota dealership and has spanned into a number of related businesses that currently employ some 36 000 people worldwide.

Bill Lynch is the Irish-born, charismatic Chief Executive of the Imperial Group and has successfully spearheaded the development and expansion of the Group since its listing in 1989.  In 2006 he became the 1st South African to win the coveted World Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his efforts in turning a struggling dealership into a multi billion rand global group.

Imperial is active in the transport and related services industries both in South Africa and has international interests in Europe, UK, Ireland, Australia and Southern Africa.

Imperial’s activities include a wide range of services relating to transportation and mobility in its broader context, including transportation and logistics, vehicle and forklift leasing, fleet management, aviation leasing and sales, car rental and tourism, motor vehicle importation and distribution, motor vehicle retailing and a related financial services arm including motor finance, short-term insurance and life assurance.  Ukhumba Holdings is the Group’s empowerment partner and is an innovative joint venture between staff and Imperial Holdings.

Imperial enjoys sole or joint market leadership in South Africa in all of it’s core businesses, except for its financial services operations.  Today, the Imperial Group is the largest private sector transport and mobility group in South Africa.

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