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The Volkswagen automotive company has earned the reputation of being a resource for reliable, user-friendly, and trend-setting vehicles since their inception a century ago. Since then the company has offered a constant stream of exciting and high-quality automobiles, including the iconic "people's automobile" the Beetle. Among the newer models offered is the VW Sa. The Lindsay Saker Group offers these, as well as other, Volkswagens and helpful resources to help you purchase your ideal VW Sa then keep it in peak condition.

Finding Your VW Sa

The Lindsay Saker Group had its origins in 1902 when two brothers took a concept and created an automotive retail company. Over the decades the company grew and developed until it merged with one of the largest Volkswagen retailers in Johannesburg. We are proud of our place in the history of Volkswagen in South Africa and are steadfast in our commitment to continue providing access to Volkswagens and knowledgeable support.

If you are interested in a VW Sa you can easily search our offerings by utilizing our simple search form. Simply input your budget restraints and style specifications and the list will be narrowed for you so you can spend your time choosing the vehicle that would be perfect for you, not sifting through lists of ones that don't meet your needs. There is also a more in-depth search form in case you have special circumstances such as a trade in.


A car is a major purchase. Most people require assistance through the buying process, including financing options. Because of the weight, when you are ready to purchase your VW Sa we recommend you allow us to facilitate the process for you. We can take your application and guide it through Volkswagen Financial Services. The experts in this department will find ways to help you through the entire process of purchasing the vehicle and then through insuring the vehicle as well. There are two basic options for financing your VW Sa: an installment plan or a lease. We can help you to choose the one best suited for your budget.

Servicing for your VW Sa

Your Volkswagen is an important part of your life which is why maintaining its condition and making any necessary repairs as quickly as possible is crucial. We offer comprehensive car care service in our Volkswagen Service Centres, including expedited routine services through our Express Service option. You are able to save time by taking advantage of our online booking system. When you need to bring your car in for repairs or services you can fill in a form with basic information about your vehicle as well as contact information so an appointment can be set up for you.

VW Sa Parts and Accessories

Of course there are people who prefer to perform basic maintenance and repairs on their own vehicles. If you are one of these people we can also help you. We offer a wide selection of parts and accessories for Volkswagens so you can purchase what you need and provide the care for your own car. As dedicated members of the Volkswagen family, we understand your passion.

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