Lindsay Saker | All for One

If you call 0860 201 201 a Lindsay Saker 201 consultant will answer the phone. He or she will then talk to you about what type of vehicle you may be interested in, what models are available, what the difference between the models are and help you identify what vehicle is right for you. Your consultant, if need be, will explain the technical specifications and the advanced engineering benefits that the Volkswagen offers, let’s face it, we are not all mechanics by trade. By way of example, fuel economy may be the most important criteria for you, your 201 consultant will make sure you fully understand the vehicle’s ability to deliver fuel efficiency relative to the distance and type of driving you undertake. Once you have decided upon which vehicle you wish to purchase, your 201 consultant will manage the entire administration process with you right up until you take delivery of your new VW. It’s that easy.