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Structure your payments - Financial Shock Absorber Plan

  • Can be offered on any credit agreement with a linked rate.
  • While the rate is linked to a specific prime rate, payments are fixed or capped.

This allows you to:
Benefit from the same interest rate when rates rise.
Budget more easily and with greater certainty.
Avoid unexpected fluctuations in your cash-flow.
This plan is available on any agreement, excluding deals with irregular payments.

Structure your payments - Balloon Payments

A balloon payment is an inflated instalment that falls due at the end of the credit agreement.

The balloon amount is traditionally associated with a projected estimate value.

The estimate value is influenced by the length of the credit agreement (for example 36, 48 or 60 months), and by the market sentiment toward the vehicle being financed.

Since the risk associated with a balloon payment is borne by the customer, he/she is liable for the full balloon value in the final month of his/her contract. The balloon forms part of the payment stream.

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